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2016-17 Speaker Series

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“Obsession” Film

“Obsession” (Radical Islam’s War Against the West). Produced by Clarion.org. Clarion.org publishes news, news

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“The Cruel Night”
“The Cruel Night” Film

A movie documenting the events of the Istanbul Pogrom of September 6-7. 1955. It is a powerful 30-minute film,

Amy Tardif
WGCU Radio
Amy Tardif WGCU Radio

Amy Tardif is WGCU’s FM Station Manager and News Director. She oversees a staff of 6 in news, production and t

Andrew J Tabler 300
Dr. Andrew J. Tabler
The Washington Institute
Dr. Andrew J. Tabler The Washington Institute

Dr. Andrew J. Tabler is a Martin J. Gross fellow in the Program on Arab Politics at The Washington Institute,

Program Schedule

Conference Title: Event 04 January 10 2017
    Conference Title: Event 05 January 24 2017
      Conference Title: Event 06 February 21 2017
        Conference Title: Event 07 February 22 2017
          Conference Title: Event 08 March 7 2017
            Conference Title: Event 09 March 23 2017
              Conference Title: Event 10 ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM APRIL 1 2016

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